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Dresden Angel Playing Harp with Spun Glass Halo and Beautiful Antique Gauze Skirt

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    8 1/2” tall, 1” diameter cone inside skirt; DISPLAY AS A TREE TOPPER OR HANG ON TREE BRANCH WITH GOLD LOOP.


    HERE’S A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE YOUR VERY OWN DRESDEN STAR ANGEL! As it is difficult to find the perfect sized scrap ladies for these wonderful Victorian-inspired angels as well as the right trims to go with them, they are in high demand. Our Dresden paper angels are designed to have the traditional and imaginative look and feel of the hand-made ornaments made for and by Victorian middle-class families prior to 1900. Be sure to view both sides of these elaborately decorated angels!



    I love this delicately rendered antique scrap paper bust of a woman in full Victorian attire. I added a vintage Dresden paper harp (it was tricky as she was holding a fan), Dresden paper wings, antique Dresden paper halo, and vintage old-stock spun-glass disk, and then began the task of making the rest of her dress out of antique fabrics. First I made a cardboard frame the right scale to support her skirt and then searched for the right fabrics to blend in with what she was wearing. I selected a beautiful a wide silk ribbed ribbon that matched the texture and tone of the accents on her bodice. I attached light blue-grey buckram to the trim and gathered it with extra fullness towards the right side (bustle). Then I added a gorgeous scarf remnant of the finest transparent gauze I have ever seen, with delicate lace ribbons and tiny silk fringe; oh so beautiful! For additional 3-D glam I made a tiny hairpiece with tiny Victorian bridal’s veil flowers and a splash of silver glitter.

    Lovingly handcrafted and signed by Gail Giaimo.

    JUST IMAGINE, YOU ARE VIEWING AN ORNAMENT MADE WITH MATERIALS BETWEEN 60 AND 150 YEARS OLD!!! Dresden Star Ornaments are almost exclusively made with antique and vintage materials to include: glass ornaments from the 1890s to1950s (most of which were made in Germany); colorful Victorian embossed & die-cut paper “scraps” and chromolithographs from postcards and advertising trade cards (made in Europe between the 1870s and 1910); antique and vintage fabric to include chenille, lace, ribbon and metallic trims; antique and vintage tinsel from tree garlands and old-stock German-made Lametta tinsel; gold and silver old-stock Dresden paper trims, crepe paper, foil, gift wrap, spun-glass, and other embellishments. Since many of our creations contain glass ornaments that are as much as 120 years old, the condition and patina will vary, which this is part of their vintage one-of-a-kind charm and character. Items described as “antique” are dated between the 1870s and 1920. Items described as “vintage” are dated between the 1920s and the 1950s (mid-century). We also use newer Dresden trims (on occasion) and crinkle wire (to wire-wrap ornaments for durability) made more recently in Germany using techniques and equipment that have not changed over the past 150 years.

    OUR SIGNATURE STYLE - TO MAKE AN ORNAMENT FOR YOU THAT LASTS FOR GENERATIONS! You will know you have a ultra-custom Dresden Star Work of Art because we sign and date each and every ornament, as well as add our gold hang tag with your specific ornament’s unique one-of-a-kind inventory number on it. You will receive your ornament gently packed between layers of tissue paper in a beautiful embossed gold box with care and handling instructions. With over 15 years of experience, we are expert at wire-wrapping each ornament to help protect it against accidental breakage (just like those smart Victorians). We take extra time and pains to meticulously back every scrap to cardstock and old-stock papers to protect these beautiful and fragile illustrations so they will last for generations to come.

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