How do I check on my box shipment? We ship via US Mail or Federal Express.  When we generate a label for shipment, you receive a tracking number via e-mail to check on your package.  If you have any further questions or are concerned that your shipment may be lost or delayed, do not hesitate to Contact Us.  See Our Policies for more shipping information.

Do you accept product returns? Yes we do, but you must return your product within 10 days of receiving it and contact us first prior to mailing back your ornament.  Please check out Our Policies for details.

The Ornament I wanted is sold.  How do I get another one like it? Since each ornament is a one-of-a-kind creation made with antique and vintage materials, once the ornament is sold, it is like the fish that got away….  However, often we can make a similar ornament just for you.  The best thing to do is to contact us to Request a Custom Ornament and we can let you know what we CAN do.  Sometimes we have found that customers are even more pleased with their custom ornament than they were with the “fish that got away”.

How do I request a custom order? Custom orders start at $80 and can go as high as $200 or more, depending upon complexity and the cost of the antique and vintage materials that we use to create the ornament.  Click on our Request a Custom Ornament page, complete the request form and we will be in touch with you shortly.  PLEASE NOTE THERE IS  NO OBLIGATION TO BUY WHEN YOU REQUEST AN ORNAMENT. It is helpful for you to give us a price range and include the product numbers of ornaments on your wish list.  If you include your phone number, we often prefer to call you, as a conversation often works better than e-mail.   After we agree together on a price, we will e-mail you a concept for your approval before we begin work.

Do you ever repair Dresden Star Ornaments? Absolutely!  Accidents do happen.  If the glass portion of the ornament is broken, usually there is not a lot we can do.  We CAN, however, reinforce scraps that come loose or get bent, repair damaged or pulled crinkle-wire, and re-glue items that may have come apart or have missing pieces to them.  If you mail the ornament to us we can do small repairs free of charge! Please re-pack the ornament in its original gold box with loose tissue under and on top of the ornament, and mail it to us in a sturdy shipping box with lots of packing material around it.  Please Contact Us in advance so we can be looking for your package. We will repair your ornament and only charge you for the shipping cost to return your ornament to you.  Now there’s a deal you can’t refuse.  We don’t want any unhappy customers.

What sets Dresden Star Ornaments apart from other Victorian-style ornaments I have seen for sale?
1)  The materials we use are as much as 30% of the cost of the ornament, depending on what materials we use.  Based on complexity and size, our ornaments range in price between $70 and $200+. We almost exclusively use antique (1900s to 1915) and vintage (WWI to Mid-Century) Christmas decorations, fabrics, papers, and tinsel.  Large collectible and sometimes rare Victorian Die-cuts (especially angels and Santas) can contribute $80 or more to the price of an ornament.  Some of the more detailed figural early German glass ornaments can be quite expensive as well, especially if they predate 1900.

 2)  Each ornament we make is truly a unique work of art and made to be passed down as a family heirloom.  Many crafters advertise one-of-a-kind because their items are handmade; no two are exactly the same, but many are similar, or in “limited edition” quantities.   Every piece we create asks for a different treatment; with our large inventory of supplies we start from “scratch” so-to-speak with every ornament we make.  We take extra time with details, like reinforcing fragile scraps with decorated card-stock to prevent damage, seamless finishing of decorative elements, putting variety an applying imaginative touches to each unique design.  Ornaments are well-made, well-constructed, and decorated beautifully, and finished on both sides with fine craftsmanship down to the finest details.

 3)  Dresden Star Ornaments are of exceptional quality, made to last for generations.  The crinkle-wire we use on the glass ornaments actually helps to protect the glass from breaking. (Those Victorians thought of everything!)

How do I keep from damaging my ornament? The most important things you can do to protect your ornament is to 1) keep the ornament out of prolonged direct sunlight (to aviod fading); 2) hold the ornament mainly by its hanger, supporting its underside gently with your other hand (handle the ornament itself as little as possible); and 3) store it in its original box with loose tissue on the top and bottom (don’t wrap the ornament tightly).  Glass ornaments are protected with Victorian-style crinkle-wire, but still need to be handled with care.  Our antique die-cut scraps are reinforced with cardstock, tinsel and decorative papers to add beauty, but most of all to protect the paper from damage.  However these old papers are still brittle and should not be over-handled. See Caring for Your Ornament for more details.

My crinkle-wire is loose on my ornament. How do I fix it? The crinkle-wire we use on the glass ornaments actually helps to protect the glass from breaking. (Those Victorians thought of everything!)  However, sometimes it can come loose, accidentally get caught on something, or unravel. With a pair of tweezers and some patience, you can evenly crinkle back up those little pulled wires so they are not dangling loosely anymore.   See Caring for Your Ornament for more for more tips.