Multicolored Glass Beads



Vintage Multicolored Glass Beads Designed and Handmade by Alicia Giaimo

Whether your tree is contemporary, mid-century modern, vintage chic, traditional, or all-out Victorian, we've got you covered in this category!  I carefully select repeating patterns of specific color combinations and provide a wide variety of different styles of bead strings.  I only use vintage beads (50 to 80 years old); most of these were made in Japan.  You'll find a lot of cool color combinations, from soft pastels, to bright primary colors.  Look carefully at the pictures; some bead strings contain more elaborate beads, usually indicating that they are older, which makes them even more collectible. 

Please note: Since glass bead inventory is getting harder to find and has increased in price, we’ve also had to increase the price of our bead garlands. Prices also vary depending on the length of the garlands and the quantity of fancy beads on each bead-string. 

Need more bead garlands?  Keep looking on-line as I will add more to this category to replace the sold ones.  I hope you enjoy these and I welcome your feedback!