Glass Bead Garlands

Antique and Vintage Glass Bead Garlands by Dresden Star!

Add sparkle to your tree this Christmas with beautiful antique and vintage (Circa 1900 - mid-century) hand-strung glass beads made by Alicia Giaimo!  Choose from many colors to suit your style, from traditional Victorian, to mid-century modern.  

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Loops of Silver and Multi-Colored Bead Garland play well with vintage ornaments and one-of-a-kind Dresden Star creations on our popular 44" feather tree. Our bead strings come in different lengths, from 2 ft. to 9 ft. We make sets of bead strings so you can buy more than one with the same color/bead combinations, so it is possible to buy several and mix and match in order to fill a tree. Convenient size chart below gives you rough idea of how many feet of bead garland you might want for different sized trees. The first three tree sizes are based on feather trees we sell on our website Click here to view feather trees.

These recommendations are meant just to give you a general idea... the actual shape of your tree (especially real ones), how many rows of garlands you might want, and your personal taste will have to be factored in :) For example, in this 44" tree picture, 2 - 6 ft strands of silver garland are mixed with 2 - 9 ft strands, using a total of 30 feet of garland. 

   Tree height             Glass Garland length

     20"-24"                  9  to 12 ft.

     34"-36"                  18 to 24 ft

     44"-48"                  27 to 36 ft 

     5 feet                    40 to 54 ft

     6 feet                     80+ ft

     7 feet                     110+ ft