Feather Trees

11-16-dennisbauertree.jpgFeather Trees By Dennis Bauer

We have created our very own feather Christmas tree designs, with all the wonderful qualities of antique feather trees, but with more durability and bigger, sturdier bases. Each tree is handsomely made-to-order by master craftsman, Dennis Bauer, in the traditional German style, as shown here. Branches are constructed with thicker diameter wire. Bases are larger and much less apt to tip. High quality feathers are selected and are dyed in custom colors for a beautiful antique look.All of our trees are designed by us and Dennis makes them to our specifications.  All are sized to work well on a parlor table. This is especially nice for a traditional look and as an added bonus, keeps pets and small children from bumping into the tree. Display in a window for festive Victorian charm both indoors and out!  Compare with other trees available today, and see why our custom-designed feather trees are worth the investment

Choose from 3 different sizes -  24", 34" and 44", and from 5 different colors (White, Ivory,  Natural Green, Dark Green, and Black). Unless noted above, since each tree is made to order, Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery. Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery. 

Watch us Demo our New Trees and Glass Garlands