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Reserved for Stacy – Patriotic Children in Wool Batting Hot Air Balloon

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    8” tall


    Stacy adores all things patriotic, especially ornaments that look like the whimsical early creations that combined a variety of different materials in unique an imaginative ways – just as were made prior to 1900 in Victorian times. I am always trying out new (old) materials. This ornament was made with wool batting from an old quilt. While most antique ornaments use cotton I was curious to see how it might work to use wool instead. The results create a marvelous fluffy 3-dimensional effect and wool’s natural buttercream color adds additional vintage charm. Addition details include antique silver netting, antique narrow tinsel roping, US Eagle Crest hand-cut from an antique postcard, antique Dresden paper frame, antique silk flags, antique silk tassels, and antique scrap children. MORE PATRIOTIC, COMMEMORATIVE ORNAMENTS ARE AVAILABLE VIA CUSTOM ORDER!!!

    Lovingly handcrafted and signed by Gail Giaimo.

    THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND ORNAMENT IS MADE ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY WITH ANTIQUE AND VINTAGE MATERIALS to include: glass ornaments from the 1890s to1950s, most of which were made in Germany; colorful Victorian embossed & die-cut paper “scraps” and chromolithographs from postcards and advertising trade cards, made in Europe between the 1870s and 1910; antique and vintage fabric to include chenille, lace, ribbon and metallic trims; antique and vintage tinsel from tree garlands and old-stock German-made Lametta tinsel; gold and silver old-stock Dresden paper trims, crepe paper, foil, gift wrap, spun glass, and other embellishments. Items described as “antique” are dated between 1870 and the early 1900s (prior to WWI). Items described as “vintage” are dated between 1915 (WWI) and the 1950s (mid-century). We also use Dresden trims (only on occasion) and crinkle wire (always used for durability) made more recently in Germany using techniques and equipment that have not changed over the past 150 years.



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